From Saturday 16th January 2021 Sweetharts will only be open Saturdays, which will be the only day that bread will be available. To Keep up to date with further announcements go to social or subscribe to our emails

Takeaway Menu

Sweetharts Takeaway menu available online at Just Eat
egg chips and cheese lunch on take away menu

New At Sweetharts

  • Sirloin steak & fried onion sub (Incl. chips) £8.50

    Seared & sliced sirloin with pan-fried onions & beef sauce in a Sweetharts sub roll and Chips

  • Crispy chicken ciabatta (Incl. chips) £7.00

    Lightly battered chicken fillets with lettuce and caramelised onion mayo in a Sweethart ciabatta, comes with chips

  • Blackhill Breakfast Hash £7.00

    small cut fried potato, crispy bacon, chunks of sausage & cheese all hashed up with fried eggs or top.

  • Korean chicken strips. £5.00

    Lightly battered chicken fillets covered in Korean BBQ sauce on a bed of salad

  • Dirty fries £5.00

    Choose From:
    Beef chilli with cheese, sour cream and fresh-cut red onion.
    Cheese sauce, melted cheese & crispy bacon.

" was delicious everything was so fresh. This is the first time I've had anything from Sweetharts and it certainly wont be the last..."
K. Culyer
"...We took it badly when Sweetharts couldn’t operate at the beginning of lockdown. Then came the delivery service and we were saved from processed shop bought stuff..."
K. Hill

More Delicious Takeouts

  • Blackhill Breakfast Hash £7.00

    Small cut fried potato, crispy bacon, chunks of sausage & cheese all hashed up with fried eggs on top.

  • Full Blackhill Breakfast or Full Veggie Breakfast (V) £7.00

    3 back bacon rashers, Cumberland ring, black pudding, roast tomato, mushrooms, baked beans & choice of fried, scrambled or poached eggs & hash browns.

  • Baby Blackhill Breakfast or Baby Veggie (V) Add Hash brown for £1 £5.00

    Same as Full Blackhill breakfast, but a smaller portion

Apple And Cinnamon Cake

Popular At Sweetharts

  • Classic Sweetharts Bacon Sandwich £3.70

    Smoked streaky bacon or veggie bacon also available

  • Sweetharts Sausage Sandwich £3.70

    Cumberland ring or veggie sausages

  • Chicken Bacon & Poached Egg Salad £7.50

    Smoked streaky bacon or veggie bacon also available

  • Char Grilled Halloumi Salad £4.00

    With ciabatta croutons mixed leave salad, tomato, peppers, cucumbers with a honey & mustard dressing.

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More Sandwiches

On Sweetharts white, brown, seeded or chia Bun.

  • Cheese Savory(V) £3.70
  • Roast Chicken, Cranberry & Sage & Onion Stuffing. £3.70
  • Tuna Crunch £3.70

    with mayo, peppers & red onion

  • Roast Ham & peas pudding £3.70
  • Ploughman’s (V) £3.70

    with lettuce, sweet pickle, cheddar, tomato & apple.

  • Egg & Mayo (V) £3.70
  • Fish Finger £4.70

    Fresh haddock in crisp light batter with lettuce & tartare sauce

  • Hot Beef Sandwich £7.00

    Slow roast brisket with our rich gravy. Served on a stottie comes with chips

Wraps, Toasties & Panini's

Add Chips for £1.50

  • Sweet Chilli Chicken wrap £3.70

    With chicken breast, lettuce, crispy onions. Sweet chilli sauce & mayo

  • Sweet Chilli Quorn Chicken wrap (V) £3.70

    With meat free Quorn chicken, lettuce, crispy onions. Sweet chilli sauce & mayo

  • Falafel wrap (V) £3.70

    With crisp lettuce & caramelised onion mayo

  • Fish Finger Wrap £4.70

    Fresh haddock in light crispy batter with lettuce & tartare sauce

  • Toastie (choice of filling) £4.00

    Corned beef & Onion, Ham & Cheese, Cheese & Onion (V)

  • Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panini £5.00

    Served in a Sweetharts signature round panini

  • Tuna Melt Panini £5.00

    With cheese, peppers & red onion

  • Char Grilled Halloumi Panini(V) £5.00

    Caramelised onion relish, peppers & red onion Panini

Desserts & Drinks

  • Classic Desserts £3.00

    Lemon cheesecake.
    Black cherry cheesecake.
    Biscoff cheesecake.
    Keylime pie.
    Baked egg custard.
    Chocolate truffle cake.
    Fruit scone with Jam & cream.

  • Dinner Lady Desserts £4.00

    Chocolate cake & pink custard.
    100s & 1000s vanilla cake & custard.
    Mint choc slab cake with green mint custard.
    Cornflake tart and custard.

  • Drinks £1.00

    330ml cans. Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta orange and Sprite

Please note: We cannot guarantee that any eggs ordered for delivery will have a soft yolk when they arrive at your house, We will, however, try our best.
Our takeaway menu changes regularly, and we endeavour to keep our site current, but occassionally items listed may no longer be available to buy.
Some images used are for illustrative purposes only and may not be available to purchase.

Covid Announcement:

Dated: 15th Jan 2021 - Sweetharts Opening

From Saturday 16th January 2021  Sweetharts shop will be closed all week except Saturdays which will be the only day that bread will be available.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday We will still be offering deliveries through the “Just Eat” app.

Unfortunately, we will not be processing any orders on the website during this time.

This is a temporary measure just until we can get over this Covid peak and we feel confident to fully return to action.

When things change I will send out more information, so please make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or follow on Facebook.

Thanks for your understanding.


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