From Saturday 16th January 2021 Sweetharts will only be open Saturdays, which will be the only day that bread will be available. To Keep up to date with further announcements go to social or subscribe to our emails

Chia Bread Rolls x 4


Chia Bread Rolls x 4



Chia bread buns now available in packs of 4.

Chia bread is a Sweetharts favourite and one of our best selling product, in fact, chia bread outsell all other bread by three times, we can never make enough it seems.

Made with wheat flour, maze flour, chia seeds and sunflower seeds. Allergens. Wheat, Gluten


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chia bread rolls
Chia Bread Rolls x 4

Covid Announcement:

Dated: 15th Jan 2021 - Sweetharts Opening

From Saturday 16th January 2021  Sweetharts shop will be closed all week except Saturdays which will be the only day that bread will be available.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday We will still be offering deliveries through the “Just Eat” app.

Unfortunately, we will not be processing any orders on the website during this time.

This is a temporary measure just until we can get over this Covid peak and we feel confident to fully return to action.

When things change I will send out more information, so please make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or follow on Facebook.

Thanks for your understanding.


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